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For over 25 years, Slides Unlimited has been providing high quality, low cost 35mm Slide services to many companies large and small.

Slides Unlimited will handle all of your Slide Presentation needs. Imaging, to slide scans and duplication.

We no longer process (E6) slides in house.
We will image your slides onto 35mm slide film at a low price of $2.98 and return the exposed film in 4 hours. You can process (E6) the film locally or give us an additional 7 business days to process.

Take advantage of our fantastic On-Line Special:

We make it Real easy for you! 
Just send us your files
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 ...and we'll do the rest.

Relax! Don't Worry!
We'll make sure your files are properly sized, with the correct page setup & spacing... no extra charge!

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Minimum slide order $50.00.
Add $8.50 for processing each group of 24 slides.
Additional original copies are $1.95 each.

*In the event that your e-mail does not go through please e-mail <>

We specialize in Microsoft PowerPoint slides
We Specialize in PowerPoint
Slides and Presentations

35mm Slides from your Microsoft Windows program files

35mm slides from your Mac files


Most PC or Mac Files
Programs Including...

files that end in...
- And Many More!

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