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Dissolve Controls (Information)

SP Dissolve Control, two-projector dissolve control
  & one-projector fader that offers three forward rates
  & one reverse rate and self running capabilities - $356.45 

SP Programmable Dissolve Control
  features 7 dissolve rates independent lamp control (for
  superimposing images), automatic timer, alternate
  flashing, freeze images and automatic tray reset. Capable
  of synchronizing slides to audio tape - $629.00 

Image Blender Two Projector Dissolve Control
   Designed for plug-in operation with any combination of
   Kodak carousel or Ektagraphic projectors. 
   The unit is a small, compact one or two projector
   dissolve control -  low cost ($239.00) 
   Has 3 modes of operation - 
   Manual at the dissolve or from a remote point such
   as podium, 
   Automatic  With Timer will automatically 
   disolve back and forth at any interval between 5 and 45
   seconds - used mainly for unattended presentations 
   without synchronized sound, or 
   Automatic From Tape connects to any stero
   recorder to generate standard 1 KHz cue signals.
   When played back, these cue signals will initiate a 
   dissolve for a complety synchronized sound slide

   For use with Kodak carousel or Ektagraphic projectors
   without built in timers.  Cycles slide tray forward at
   intervals from 5 to 45 seconds. Used for continuous
   unattended operation ($49.95)


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