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Slide Projectors (More Info)

The top of the range model for all AV professional requirements. Professional dissolve effects without additional units - the new dimension in successful presention with KODAK EKTAPRO 7020/9020 Slide Projectors

For perfect synchronization with numerous effects and 99 different dissolve times you no longer need additional dissolve units: two KODAK EKTAPRO Slide Projectors, a dissolve cable and a remote control are sufficient.

For a long time now dissolve technology has been a permanent part of professional slide shows. The visual impact of a presentation where images from subsequent slides merge smoothly into each other considerably enhances the success and power of persuasion of the show. However, the technical expenditure is mostly very high combined with complicated wiring of additional control units.

With KODAK EKTAPRO 7020 and 9020 Slide Projectors dissolving has never been easier: You simply connect two projectors with the KODAK EKTAPRO Dissolve Cable and immediately via the IR-remote control you can set your dissolve commands.

In any case the second projector can be a KODAK EKTAPRO 4010, 5000, 7020, 7020, 9020 or a 9020. If you present with only one KODAK EKTAPRO 7020 or 9020 Slide Projector: then you can fade slides out and in and thus perform a Soft Slide Change.

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